Afro Model Awards 


Afro Model Awards is a global fashion and style awards ceremony and community. It was established in 2011, to recognise, acknowledge and reward models, photographers, agencies, personalities, makeup artist, designers, and innovators throughout the fashion and style industry.


Afro Model Awards is the biggest awards ceremony, that focuses on models, designers and innovators in fashion and style. 


There is presently a massive response from prospective nominees, participants, organisations and the general public, thereby making it a highly rewarding opportunity to participate at the Annual Afro Model Awards ceremony.


The event rewards the contributions of individuals and organisations, towards the growth, development and empowerment of Fashion, Modelling, Creativity and Personality.


The event is designed to showcase the best, whiles encouraging young, upcoming and established models, designers, stylist and beauticians to achieve a successful career.


The event also promotes awareness about child labour, slavery and human exploitation and how this can be eradicated.


The annual ceremony, honours the annual best in the fashion and style world, as well as showcasing the works of exceptional fashion/accessories designers, alongside a live catwalk and designers competition amongst top class runway models and designers”.


We registered and worked with over 10,000 models and participants since the establishment of Afro Model Awards in 2011.


The guests and models who attended the event come from across a varieties of people, ranging from Africans, Caribbeans, Asians, Europeans and British. 


The event involves handing out of awards, Live catwalk and designer shows, with over 700 models physically walking the runway each year, as well as fashion exhibition by various fashion designers.

The event was created by James Jegede, DJ Sogood and Skillfull Ice, as a result of the need to create a global platform for fashion and style models.


The awards categories are; Best Newcomer Designer, Best Personality, Most Beautiful Model, Best Model Magazine, Best Fashion Event, Best Catwalk Model, Best Designer, Best Fashion Blogger, Best Triple Threat, Best Legs, Best Behind, Best Model Agency, Best Casting Site and Best Accessories Designer. 



                Afro Model Awards is the biggest awards ceremony, that focuses more on Afro Caribbean and ethnic minorities, as well as including main stream British and International participations. There is presently a massive response of prospective nominees, participants, media, organisations and the general public, thereby making it a highly rewarding opportunity to advertise, sponsor or become a major sponsorship partner for Afro Model Awards


             Having a unique, influential and interesting event like Afro Model Awards ceremony, which is fast becoming globally recognised as the highest accolade in Afro Caribbean Fashion and Style, and serves to recognise, acknowledge and reward excellence of models, agencies, personalities, designers, innovators and performance throughout the fashion and style industry, will be an effective platform for marketing and growth for businesses and organisations that requires  the best marketing platform.




•Placement of sponsors brand logo on Afro Model Awards websites(Banner).


•Placement of sponsors logo on our fliers, posters and event banners.


•Video display of your adverts between awards presentations at the ceremony.


•Provision of an exhibition area for your goods at the event.


•Official endorsement and announcement of your organisation as Afro Model Awards sponsor.


•Listing sponsor’s name on 1000 advertisement airing rotation on TV & Radio for over a period of one month.


•VIP Passes and access to all areas of the event for ten officials of your organisation.


•Access to talk to guest at this awards ceremony in a professional manner about your goods and services.


•Ten minutes opportunity on the main stage of the event to speak to the guest at this event about your goods and services.


•A choosen member of your organisation will be given an awards category to present.


•You logo will be display on the main catwalk runway.


•Twenty models will be wearing your promotional logo on their clothing during the catwalk event on the runway.


• Other bespoke opportunities.


Afro Model Awards