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Terms and Conditions: By applying, participating or filling this registration form, You agree that you are over 18 years old of age, as well as been in a sound state of mind at the time of filling this registration form to participate at Afro Model Awards 2016, taking place at Crown Moran Hotel, London, and you are willing to abide by all the rules and regulations governing the awards ceremony and the entire events. You agree to weaver your right to pursue legal claims or apply for compensation from the organising committee and her subsidiaries or any organisation working in connection with the event, in the occurrence of any incident that may result in legal damages. You also agree that the decision of the organising committee in every aspect of the event is final and cannot be contested. You agree that you shall not transfer your position, tickets, allocations or any other facilities issued to you for your participation at this event without a prior written approval from the organising committee of Afro Model Awards. You also agree not to be involved in scouting, touting, marketing and unapproved business at this event without a written approved authorisation from the organising committee of Afro Model Awards. You also agree to abide by the laws or any other rules and regulations that may be applied to this event by the organising committee from time to time in the future.




May I use this opportunity, on behalf of the organising committee of AFRO MODEL AWARDS 2016, to inform you that we are very pleased to discuss the prospective opportunity to exhibit/showcase your latest Clothing Line / Accessories at the annual AFRO MODEL AWARDS ceremony, taking place at Crown Moran Hotel, Cricklewood Broadway, London, United Kingdom, on Sunday 29th of May 2016, starting by 5pm.

Afro Model Awards is an annual awards ceremony that rewards and recognises the contributions of individuals and organisations, towards the growth, development and empowerment of; Fashion, Modelling, Style, Creativity, Innovation and Personality.

AFRO MODEL AWARDS will be more than glad to have reputable and distinguished designers / creators exhibiting/showcasjng at the event, which will go a long way to motivate and inspire both nominees, spectators, fashion scouts, observers, media and aspirating models. 

If you are interested in exhibiting, visit the application page on this website and fill out the Fashion/Accessories Designers application form and you will be notified of the next step to take.

The 2016 annual Afro Model Awards ceremony is an excellent platform to showcase, promote, entrench and acquire a wider share of the fashion market, in an already competitive fashion and style industry. 


Many thanks.

Afro Model Awards