The Versatile Afro-Brit Model

Michael Lord Microbilo Smith, is not just a model but also a renounced published Author-who started writing from the age of 12 and released his second book at the age of 22-even though he still has 15 unreviewed written work in his archive.

He is a Model, an Actor, a Writer, a Singer and Brand Ambassador for multi-national blue-chip companies like: Samsung, E.E, Nectar Card, Grundig, Leisure & Beko Groups. He is currently training to be a Lawyer by main profession as Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer which is regulated by Chartered Institute of Legal Executive and ILEX Professional Standard and further scrutinized by the United Kingdom's Queen's Privy Council and has decided to take more further course in Law at the University of West London. This will give him the opportunity to be either a Solicitor?Barrister and also a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer in the future.


Michael Lord M Smith was born on 12th October 1990 and he is a citizen of Nigeria, ECOWAS, Commonwealth and United Kingdom. He has great interest in Politics and World Economy. He is very diplomatic, likes reasonable arguements and public debates. Due to his flexibility attitude, people find it easy to adopt with him, because he can always fit into your personality and character. This makes him a very special friend, everyone would like to have around and he has a great sense of humor.


Michael Lord Microbilo Smith, can be classified as a multi-talented individual who has little or versed knowledge in almost everything he came across. In 2007, he represented Philippines as a junior Ambassador to the Model United Nations Conference and was elected as the substantive chairperson to head the UNFPA Committee. He used his diplomatic experience to control and govern the UNFPA Committee and his committee was awarded the best behaved committee during the period of all committees debates.


He is known of making a difference and touching people's lives in a good and better way. He wants to extend this character to the Legal Sector, which he is currently training to be a Lawyer. He likes to help the oppressed, the disadvantaged and he is known as the people's Advocate.

He is set to make a return to Afro Model Awards 2015 runway, after his last impressive performance on the runway at the 2013 Afro Model Awards at Hilton Metropole Hotel, London.