Jealous model ‘plunges knife‘ into twin sister’s chest


A Croatian model is facing attempted murder charges for plunging a kitchen knife into her identical twin sister’s chest Saturday night in a jealous fueled rage.

Sara Grkovic got into a fight with her sister Dajana Gkovic over a man.

“They were apparently arguing about a man that they both liked,” a neighbor told a local TV station in Rijeka, a northern port city in Croatia, according to Central European News.

“He seems to have settled down in a relationship with Dajana and Sara was not happy about it. I never would have thought it would come to her trying to kill her sister though.”

The 22-year-old twins shared an apartment with their mother, who had left them alone while she traveled to Germany for work, CEN reported.

“They had been a bit wild since their mother went away, and they were left to their own devices,” another neighbor said. “But we never thought it would come to something like this.”

Neighbors said the Grkovic sisters were fiercely competitive about who was the more attractive twin.

“Both of them were stunning, I don’t think they worried about competition from other women, but they were certainly jealous of each other,” one said.

Dajana is in stable condition in a Croatian hospital’s intensive care unit, where she is recuperating from deep slashes to her chest and right thigh.

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