New York Fashion Week Preview

Get ready for a change of scenery. The fashion pack is on the move: This season, as we bid a fond—or not-so-fond—adieu to Lincoln Center, it seems like the place to go is Cuba, the place to show is L.A., and the place to chow down during New York fashion week is the Lower East Side. The Instagram posts may all look alike, but at least the backdrops are changing.

Last fashion week kicked off with a truly magnificent, industry-wide chorus of bitching and moaning, courtesy of a seemingly earlier-than-usual start date.No, no, protested the poo-bahs who control the calendar. Labor Day fell early, and thus fashion week had to start lickety-split, straight after that. Did it, though? Did it have to? Anyway, who cares, because this fashion season is starting a week later than it typically does. The reasons are mysterious, or maybe they’re not, but we’re too psyched to probe. We’d rather go see a movie or something. Maybe even sneak off to Miami for a couple of days of sunshine. Or get a head start on our taxes. Whatever. A whole week! Sure, the calendar is still a mess, but seriously, we’ve got no complaints. Except maybe about the weather.

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