Kanye West's Latest Fashion Show


The Kanye West for Adidas collection finally premiered atNew York Fashion Week after all the leaks (thanks Khloe!) and teases (thanks to Kanye’s barber) and honestly, I will admit it was amazing! Let’s call a spade a spade: West may have vocal opinions that we don’t all agree with and, of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt here. In his case, he gets a bad rap because sometimes, a true artist is hard to understand. The Adidas x Kanye collection was fun, interesting and innovative for a company who’s only been known for their classic kicks. And if you don’t believe me, then trust Russell Simmons, Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna and gang who gave this man a Standing O. He delivered his interpretation of an athletic collection that I know everyone will be clamoring to wear as soon as it hits stores. And it will, as I confirmed that with an Adidas spokesperson when I was leaving his show.

Here’s how the whole event went down.


When I arrived - promptly - at 4PM, to the West Side Highway warehouse space, it was a mob scene outside (someone chalked this up to Khloe Instagramming the invite and address the day before), but yet the truly-invited crowd still had to wait 30 minutes past the start time just to get in. They were still rehearsing, we were told. And we were ok with that. This was Kanye after all, and we knew the show doesn’t start until it’s perfect. Artist rule #1. Once inside the warehouse (dark except for overhead LEDs casting just enough light for me to make it to my seat), you had to make your way by navigating through 8 rows of 5 models—veryVanessa Beecroft—standing in a square formation. Do not make them laugh, seemed to be the unspoken mandate. I sat with editors from ELLE, Interview and Details magazine and everyone wondered, was this the show? Were they just going to turn the lights on and we’d watch the models walk off? Of course not, this is Kanye! But what would be the show?

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