Madonna Explains Dramatic Fall On Instagram, Reassures Fans That She's Okay


ICYMI because you turned your back for two seconds, Madonna suffered an awkward, embarrassing and downright painful BRIT Awards 2015 moment when a wardrobe malfunction caused her to fall to the floor during her 'Living For Love' live performance.

Whether you laughed, cried or gasped (we did all three), it's sort of inevitable that we're going to be blessed with memes and jokes surrounding the whole accident for weeks. Not that we mind.

Thankfully, Madge herself has now taken to Instagram to explain EXACTLY what happened and to reassure fans that she's fine.

Despite the Queen of Pop reassuring us that everything was hunky dory, sources have told the Daily Mirror that things were 'frosty' post-performance, with an insider explaining that her team wasted no time in leaving the O2 arena.

The source revealed: "Her team were left to pack up and ship out sharpish. Madonna's team had been working on her cape since Monday.

"It was the only topic of conversation coming from the seamstresses as it had been impressed on them to make it perfect.

"When she fell, the room which had previously been the subject of so much chatter, fell silent. The atmosphere wasn't as if someone had died, it was as if someone had been massacred."

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