White catwalk models covered with black paint

Marko Mitanovski showcased a bizarre collection at the London Fashion Week.

The Serbian designer sent models down the catwalk covered from head-to-toe in black paint. His clothing designs were made from latex and leather and were inspired by nature and architecture


The capital has seen several days of crazy clothing both on and off the catwalks as some of the world's best designers showcase their wares during London Fashion Week.

But fittingly, one of the most bizarre shows of the week came right at the end of the style event - with a show by Marko Mitanovski.

The Serbian designer hosted one of the most jaw-dropping collections at the Freemasons' Hall.

Models painted from head to toe in black paint were sent down the catwalk in leather and latex designs that were inspired by nature and architecture.

The ghoulish-looking models had most of their features completely hidden by the shiny oils, which were then accessorised with black facial jewels.

While his collection was based on many different influences, Marko's choice to paint the models in black came simply down to his tastes in colour.

He said: 'I chose to do the whole collection in black because it's my favourite colour. [This collection] is about celebrating life in a weird way, I do not believe it's dark - It's about something mystical, not about something that is negative.'

Marko also revealed that the reason behind finishing the show with a model painted in white was simply because it contrasted with the other models.

He said: 'The last collection closed the show with someone using only white, so I decided to do the same this season.'


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