Male Katie Price Fan Who Spent £40,000 To Look Like Katie Price (Jordan)

n today's episode of This Morning, they featured a rather aspirational young man who had spent a whopping £40,000 to look like Katie Price.

Yes, that's actually forty THOUSAND pounds to look like the former glamour gal.


Twenty-year-old Nathan Thursfield explained that he was left inspired by the mum-of-five when he met her for the first time aged thirteen at a book signing.

In fact, Nathan was left so in awe of the star that just months later he thought to himself, 'I'm going to spend the money to copy her face'.

As you do.


The then teen then spent years working on his new look, having botox, fillers, fake tans, facials, and even two cosmetic procedures, with This Morning tagging along to film Nathan to have his second nose job, with him showing off his finished look on the ITV show, revealing that he's going to continue with the treatment despite already being £20,000 in debt.

Needless to say, the aspiring model's venture sent Twitter users into an absolute meltdown, with many taking to the social media site to slam Nathan for not looking anything like the star, but they did offer some other lookalike suggestions: