Modelling While Pregnant


Sarah Stage is almost nine months pregnant, but her bump is barely visible. The mum-to-be, who’s a professional model and obviously takes good care of her body, has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her million fans on Instagram and caused quite a stir with her lack of bump.

As well as managing to maintain a six pack throughout her pregnancy (yes, it’s still visible even with her small bump) the Costa Rican model, who lives in LA, doesn’t appeared to have put on any pregnancy weight ANYWHERE on her body – which is slightly concerning.

But then again, it could just be her body type.

Nearing her due date, Sarah’s bump is very small – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that her baby won’t be born healthily.

He may just be a small baby and the right size for Sarah, who appears to be naturally slim. She is a model, after all.

Having said that, we haven’t seen any other models with bumps quite as minute as Sarah’s.

When pregnant with Flynn, Miranda Kerr’s bump was clearly noticeable as was Karen Elson when she was expecting her son Henry.

Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer also rocked some pretty burgeoning bumps during their respective pregnancies, despite their slim frames.

Just like babies, bumps come in all shapes and sizes. Most women have nice neat bumps during their first pregnancy and as you have more children your bump could spread as your muscles become lax. However, over exercising during the final trimester of pregnancy can be dangerous – even if you’ve always worked out.

You should speak to your midwife or GP to discuss the level of exercise that’s safe for you, as often pregnant women are advised to cut down to low-impact and moderate levels of exercise as their due date approaches.

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