Five Black Celebrities With Natural Hair


Erykah Badu

Extensions and weaves may be all the rage in Hollywood, but these stars are proof that natural hair is just as beautiful.

Whether they're sporting voluminous afros or braided updos, these women know how to rock their natural locks like total pros. Together, they're changing the definition of "good hair." (The very definition of good hair was the topic of Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair," which you should definitely watch. But we digress...)

Today, we're taking a moment to praise the female celebs who let their natural hair run free.

Erykah Badu: Though she usually wears her hair wrapped in a large headscarf, the singer has got some enviable locks underneath!



When Willow Smith shaved her head, people were shocked that her mother let her do it in the first place. We were impressed. The teen proved that even though she liked whipping her hair back and forth, she didn't need it to define her.



We love Viola Davis' natural hair so much on her -- she looks so polished and regal all the time!



The musician keeps her natural hair wild and free, and we think it looks awesome. But it doesn't come easy! Kish explained to Into The Gloss that her natural hair "is actually harder to maintain than straightened hair or weaves; it takes a lot of work." Well, that work is paying off, because her hair is amazing.


Esperanza Spalding

The jazz singer and bassist has had natural hair her entire life and has even been quoted saying that she never has and never will relax it. (You go girl! Stick it to the man!) She looks gorgeous just the way she is!

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