Rihanna Has 'Practically Moved In With' Leonardo DiCaprio


We still don't have an official confirmation that Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio are getting jiggy but according to new reports the gorge singer has almost gone and moved in with the hunky actor, in a pairing that is so attractive we don't quite think that we can cope.

If these sources are to be believed, Leo and RiRi's relationship has been heating up as they have started to spend more time together at 40-year-old Leo's home, where the 27-year-old appaz has her very own 'smoking room'.

Goodness, he knows how to spoil a lady, doesn't he?

A source said of the hotties' relationship: "It's like she's practically moved in. Leo has been sweet and cornered off little areas for her in the home that are just for her, like a smoke room."

If that's not the sign of a fab relationship then we don't know what is, to be honest.

Ri was recently in Paris for Fashion Week but is thought to be spending her free time with Leo as their relationship goes from strength to strength, and it is thought that the Bajan beauty has promised to take the actor to Barbados next month, where he will be her plus one at her cousin's wedding.

Talk about stealing the bride's thunder, eh?

The insider also reckons that the pair will use their trip to the exotic island as an excuse to nab some alone time, telling The Sun: "Afterwards Rihanna and Leo are going to spend a few days by themselves on a yacht."

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