Celebrities Who Thought They Were Ugly


Kerry Washington told Lena Dunham in the April issue of Marie Clairethat she felt like she wasn't pretty when she was growing up— nuts, right? How could Olivia Pope think that she was unattractive?!

However, Kerry isn't the first star to have made such a statement. Check out the Hollywood beauties who claim to have once felt like an ugly duckling.


Tyra Banks


Beyonce said "When I was around 10 or 11, my mother gave me this really ugly haircut and I was really, really chubby. So chubby that my family used to all lay me down flat so they could zip up my jeans. It took four of them and I would lie there on the bed while they all got to it." -Glamour U.K., June 2009


Eva Longoria "I'm Latino, and where I grew up, the whiter you are, the better, and I came out looking Mexican." - Glamour U.K., February 2005