Kanye West Compares Fashion Mistakes To 'Getting A Prostitute Pregnant'


Kanye West has always been a firm favourite of ours, mainly because when things are going quite swimmingly in the world, you can always rely on everyone's favourite messiah complex to come out with something so ridiculous that we'll all be talking about it for weeks to come. Well, maybe not weeks to come - probably more like hours – seeing as Yeezy's dropping inflammatory statements as often as Kim Kardashian posts a selfie.

After regaling the intellectuals of Oxford University with such inspiring statements as "People say I’ve got a bad reputation. I think I’ve got the best reputation in the building”, Kanye turned his attention to the world of fashion this week, as he spoke to those fine fellows at Clique TV when he landed back in LA. Surprisingly, the performer had little to say on the length of hemlines in the latest Autumn/Winter collections he saw at Paris Fashion Week – instead he decided to focus on the prices of high-fashion pieces, and came up with an interesting analogy for when you overspend on your Post Office Debit Card.

Apparently, buying a not-so-nice pair of chinos, shall we say, is akin – in Kanye's world - to getting a prostitute pregnant. Let's just let that sink in a bit, shall we? The empowering rapper said: “When I was young, I was really scared to walk into luxury stores. It’s very non-inviting and it’s very expensive.” “Like, f**k, if you’re not knowledgeable you can make a very expensive mistake — it’s bordering on getting a prostitute pregnant or something like that.”

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