Alexander McQueen unseen 'Black' runway show

A stunning Alexander McQueen tableaux has been crafted by fashion photographer Nick Knight in celebration of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty retrospective at the V&A museum.

Using previously unseen photography, the piece, entitled 'Black', was created from shots taken backstage at the iconic 2004 American Express: McQueen Black Event. Co-hosted and curated by the designer himself as he showed in London for the first time in several seasons, the event was a retrospective of McQueen's greatest catwalk hits.

The enormous tableaux, which has been broken into four unique sections for a clearer, more detailed view, showcases a number of the breathtaking looks worn at the runway event by the likes of by Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Gemma Ward and Lily Cole, with McQueen himself appearing in one section of the piece.

At the Black runway event, Knight was asked specifically by the designer and personal friend to photograph each model backstage, with the vision to create a composite in the future. This vision, 11 years later, has now been realised.

Speaking of the occasion, Knight said: "As a close collaborator and friend of McQueen, I had the honour of filming many of his photo shoots from the mid-nineties onwards."

"McQueen was so excited as he neared the completion of the collection for the American Express Black event, he insisted we found a way to shoot it behind-the-scenes at Earls Court where the show was being held."


Alexandra McQueen

"He knew the Black Event was an important moment that should be preserved and shown to the world, so this project has been a great way for me to reflect upon and celebrate our working relationship."

"We both knew we had the ingredients to make an incredible image; now, to coincide with the opening of Savage Beauty at the V&A, it has been a fantastic opportunity to partner once again with American Express, immerse myself in the project and finally produce the image to honour Lee in a unique way."

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