Was Wiz Khalifa Dissing Amber Rose in His New Song "For Everybody"?


Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are not on good terms. The couple, who shocked fans when they announced they were divorcing this past September, have already blasted each other on social media, and now, Khalifa seemingly disses his son Sebastian’s mom in Juicy J’s new track “For Everybody." The rapper, who appears on the track along with Rock City, raps: “I fell in love with a stripper / Funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker / They don't pay attention to the love anyway / They only concerned with what the haters say / Bottles be turning these girls into thots / Instagram turning these wifes into hos.” (In case you didn’t know, Rose used to strip under the pseudonym “Paris" until she was 15.) Rose was first to file for divorce from the artist, whom she claims cheated on her multiple times. "It's like 'Dude that's not you.' That's not my husband. That's not the man that I know. Wiz isn't a bad guy. He has great spirit, that's why I married him. People make mistakes,” Rose said during an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in February, after the show’s host brought up Khalifa’s alleged infidelity. Khalifa, who is dad to their 2-year-old son Sebastian, then denied the claims. “Anyone who really knows me knows that I never cheated on Amber,” he tweeted following her interview. “I always kept my views on family and stability clear and stood by them just as I do anything else I feel strongly about. I feel like it’s my responsibility to make sure you have the truth and aren't misguided so we can all move like bosses." Listen to the new track above and decide for yourself.

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