Kylie Jenner Accused Of 'Blacking Up' In Photoshoot


Kylie Jenner has been forced to defend her latest photoshoot after the new snaps caused a humongous backlash from followers, who accused the seventeen-year-old of "blacking up".


The reality star shared some rather eerie sparkly pictures to her Instagram account last night with the caption "what I wish I looked like all the time", and fans were quick to take to the comment section to voice their disapproval of her new look, with one ranting: "Girl, you are not black. This makes me so angry.

"Appropriating another's culture is not some beauty trend. It's a culture not a costume.

"This makes me so angry, why is it that ethnic features are only deemed beautiful on non-ethnic bodies?"

Another added: "Kylie Jenner wants to be black so bad."

Upon seeing the dramz that had kicked off in the ol' comment section, Kyls took to Twitter to defend her honour and insist that she was going for 'magical' rather than 'black', writing: "So just got the time to head on social media lol.. The photographer used a black light & neon lights for those photos.

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