Blac Chyna Shares Texts From Tyga, Where He Seemingly Tries To Win Her Back


Bad news if you were hoping for the Blac Chyna vs Kylie Jenner feud to be over anytime soon, because the model has now shared photos of what appear to be texts from Tyga begging for her back.

Which should really please Kylie, who is rumoured to now be dating Tyga.

Happy families all round, really.


Blac, 26, who is the mother of Tyga's two-year-old son King Cairo, shared a photo of the texts from 'Kings Father' on Instagram, which appear to have been sent yesterday.

The messages seem to show the rapper trying to reconcile with Blac after she tells him his son will be round in the morning.

He replies: "Can I Just come for a lil. Just us 3. Do something or spend a lil time. Just wanna talk real with u for a min (sic)."

Blac then replies to tell him she can't because she's busy, to which Tyga responds: "Call me when you can. I want to be with u. I want to be positive. I want to be a family again. Want to start this friendship. Relationship."


Tyga has seemingly now replied to Blac's post, tweeting: "Focus on what's real in life. And surround yourself with people that you really care about.its simple [sic]."

He also said: "I ain't here for the tea," which is pretty cryptic.

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