New Openings For Non Models


Abercrombie & Fitch, once the go-to brand for every collar popping, chino wearing teenager, has relaxed their policy on only hiring really, really, ridiculously good-looking people.

In an attempt to appeal to teenagers in 2015, the company has decided to do away with those topless, 6-pack toting models who stand at the front of their stores looking dead behind the eyes while trying to sell you jeans.In fact, they are going to stop hiring staff based on ‘body type or physical attractiveness’ altogether, as sales staff will go from being called ‘models’ to ‘brand representatives’. Instead of fitting the stereotypical Abercrombie look, ideal employees will now simply be ‘neat, clean, natural and well-groomed’.However excessive tattoos, make-up and piercings anywhere other than ears are still a big no-no.“By the end of July, there will no longer be sexualised marketing used in marketing materials, including in-store photos, gift cards and shopping bags,” the company announced last Friday, less than six months after the departure of former CEO Mike Jeffries, who in 2006 proudly declared that he didn’t want overweight or unattractive people wearing his brand.

The turnaround comes nearly a year after the ailing brand, whose sales slumped 10 per cent last year, decided to change their aggressive in-store atmosphere that comprised mainly of pitch black darkness, nightclub volume levels of dance music and the unmistakable and overwhelming stench of their signature cologne. Despite introducing men’s shirts in a looser fir than their signature ‘Muscle’ range, there are still very few options in the women’s department for anyone over a size 14. Just two shirts come in an XL, which the website claims is a UK size 18 while their jeans only go up to UK size 14 or 30inch waist.


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