Fashion Awards Nominations Open

Every year, people work tirelessly to ensure that the fashion and style industry is alive and bubbling, but most times, these noble workers are unnoticed or unrecognised for their hard work. This is mainly due to lack of recognition, so most of them give up their hard work and selfless services, which then result in a severe lost of talent within the industry.

Lack of recognition became a major issue in the fashion industry and as a result of this problem, Afro Model Awards ceremony was created five years ago; to search, locate and reward hardworking/talented; models, photographers, Make Up Artist, Agencies, Designers, Beauticians, Accessories Designers, Magazines, Personality, Fashion Blogs, Fashion Events etc, by ways of rewarding their hard work via award recognition annually.

The other kind of issue facing the organising committee members is knowing who truly deserves an award?, because there are hundreds of thousands of talents to reward. We are specially requesting that you assist us by nominating someone, group(s) or organisation(s) that deserve an award, for their works, and we shall shortlist the three highest nominations for an awards category, where one of them will eventually win the award.

We can happily say that we are rewarding hard work back and this can inspire more people to work harder. Please nominate someone for an award by filling the form below.!nominate/cd6z9

Thanks you and we hope to have a better and bigger fashion and style industry by our collective effort.

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