Kanye In Debt; But Kim Kardashian Is Worth $101 Million

Kanye West, 38, is at it again, seemingly desperate to convince the world that he really, truly is in a massive debt despite the luxurious lifestyle he lives with his wife, Kim Kardashian, who is allegedly worth $101 million herself. WTF?

So, Kanye Twitter rants have become a daily thing now… and ever since herevealed that he is allegedly in a $53 million debt, they grow by the day. As does his debt, we’re sure. Either way, Kanye seems fixated on explaining the “struggle” his debt has caused him and his family, including his millionaire wife, Kim, and their kids, North and Saint West, who wear designer clothes and fur coats gifted to them by their celebrity friends. Confused? Yeah, so is everyone else.

Check out Kanye’s latest Twitter rant below, which came just hours after Taylor Swift, 25, slammed him — HARD — during her Grammy Awards acceptance speech. Thankfully, Kanye decided to leave Taylor out of this one specific rant, and is instead remaining focus on his financial issues. If they can really be called that…

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