New Playboy Magazine and Biggest Scandals In History

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Playboy is maybe the most controversial magazine ever published, racking up scandal after scandal since Hugh Hefner founded it in 1953.

But earlier this month the magazine made perhaps its most controversial decision so far - ditching nude images from its pages and reinventing itself as a lifestyle magazine for men.

On February 12th, social media star Sarah McDaniel (below) became the first model to make the Playboy cover without stripping naked.

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It was not the brainchild of editor-in-chief Hefner, but he agreed to the move that would change Playboy forever.

But with the magazine heading in a new non-nude direction, could this signal the end of years of controversy for the magazine?

The Controversial Covers

While Sarah was only too happy to be the first non-nude star in Playboy - even admitting she would consider going naked if required - one of the biggest cover controversies is about a star who didn’t even want to be on the front of the magazine.

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Step forward Jessica Alba. The actress was chosen as the publication’s Sex Star of the Year for their March 2006 issue (above), but didn’t fancy being on the cover, so Playboy used a bikini-clad pic of her from one of her Into the Blue movie promotional posters.

But the actress was not impressed. She released a statement saying Playboy had “violated my personal rights” and “blatantly misled the public” into thinking she had given her consent to appear on the cover.

She was so angry she filed a lawsuit against Playboy claiming the publication had done “immeasurable harm” to her reputation. Hefner managed to calm things down when he donated some cash to two charities of her choice, Keep A Child Alive and Until There’s A Cure.

In October 1971, Darine Stern became the first African American woman on the cover and it was deemed controversial by some, despite coming eight years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech which called for an end to racism in the US.

Another first came in 2012, when news that Bollywood star Sherlyn Chopra was going to be the first Indian woman to appear on the magazine’s cover, and nude inside. It did not go down well in India, where the publication is banned due to the country’s strict modesty insistence.